Nov 18, 2010

How Was Your Week?

The week in brief:
1.) I was finally able to shampoo the barf out of The Baby's hair since she was feeling better and discharged from the hospital on Friday. When i was done braiding it I was startled by the colored balls and barrettes I had chosen. Reds, greens, tangerines and yellows. Obviously, I had needed a color pick-me-up after our drab hospital week from hell. She looked embarrassingly like Carmen Miranda.

It wasn't until The Teenager gave her a peck on the cheek on her way out to lunch with Iris that my suspicions were confirmed. "
Goodbye my little fruit bowl head."

2.) We spent Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in a disgusted pediatricians office getting I.M. Rocephin for the crackles in The Baby's lungs and infected ears on all three days. Yes, still! When I asked her about Acidophilus she replied, "
I AM VERY HOLISTIC." A two fisted M.D with a syringe in one hand that cures everything from Syphilis to lung crackles and Spirulena in the other hand. God, I love this women.

She wants us back in one week. I'm hoping to be out of town.
3.) The Teenager had a dental appointment today. I would have canceled it due to my illness but it would take 6 months to get another appointment. We went. " Mom! No, cavalries!" Thank God for that, dances with wolves.

Photo from Google Images
After a quick mystery lunch at the hospital we headed next to the eye doctor for The Baby's eye exam. I would have canceled it due to my illness but it would take another 4 months to get an appointment. The Baby is slightly nearsighted. Aren't we all? After holding her down with all of our might and prying her eyelids open while she fought maniacally (as usual) the eye doctor said she looked great. Being on oxygen last week no longer a concern for her preemie eyes as she is well past her due date. Follow-up in two years.

4.) I have come to the conclusion that parental illness is a luxury.

5.) We attended The Boy's Thanksgiving festivities at school. I called Mrs. M to ask if there was food involved since The Baby and I had been on the road all day. "Food involved for what?" she asked innocently. Her daughter, like The Boy, does not bring home notices from school and she had no idea today was the day for the Thanksgiving school program.

We met at the school and enjoyed the parade of students bearing gifts of canned food and packages of rice to baskets for the needy. I noticed three of those baskets had been donated by me and obtained at the Weigh n' Pay and Freecycle. I was cracking up until Mrs. M's son got a horrific nose bleed. "Pinch his nostrils together" I hiss-pered. The nurse in me always becomes bossy especially when there is blood involved.

"I can't breathe I can't breathe!"

So much for mouth breathing. Exit Mrs. M and one bloody, anoxic toddler. She returned later asking me if I was done with our Burger King Bag. Why? "I want to put our bloody tissues in it."


There is nothing more affirming than being with the moms of other children with special needs. When one mom was told she would be able to take her son home early she informed the teacher, "Not until you give him his 2 PM behavior medication." I had to laugh. I felt renewed.

Tomorrow we have nothing scheduled. I know. I know. I can hardly believe it myself.

Tonight I received a phone call from a dad of a foster child that lived with us years ago. We still keep in touch. I sat on the only piece of furniture remaining in my living room and began sniff, sniff, sniffing something. Someone had peed on the love seat.


The Boy and I drug the love seat out back. I phoned my neighbor and asked him to haul it away.

I have come to the conclusion that furniture is over rated.

From this day forward I am going Shaker-style.

But maybe not as elaborate as the above photo.
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ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Phew! What a week. I bet that The Baby is the most adorable fruit bowl headed kid in town. ;)

Island Rider said...

You know, I was going to blog about my week, but I think yours puts mine to shame. I have nothing to complain about even though I have spent the whole week with the history projects of 1800 students! Hope everyone is feeling better soon! Especially you. By the way, how about a book of the teenagers sayings. What a great Christmas gift that would be!


Island Rider what a great idea! We all love her could be a best seller.

Elizabeth said...

The week from hell. Same here. I hope for a better one for you and that you feel well soon!

Dani said...

Gah! I just got done trying to clean our loveseat...

I hope y'all have a great weekend. Nice and uneventful.:)

Jennie said...

No cavalries... I love her.

Michelle said...

Vacation? Yay!

Kathleen Scott said...

Oh hohohoho...and a bottle of rum. That peeing business is an issue. Before my elderly Harry-cat died, I learned the secret of eliminating the demon catpiss smell (no, not the death of the cat)--Winsol Trio Plus (, a miracle enzymatic elixir that attacks the 25 species of bacteria present in cat urine. Those bacterial besties are the reason regular cleaners don't work. There's only one thing, you have to be able to soak the affected spot...

Hope your Thanksgiving is happy.