Nov 15, 2010

I'm Done

Follow-up at the Pediatricians office today who was not happy with the fact that the hospital gave one dose of Rocephin in the emergency room and never followed through. I questioned them numerous times receiving answers like, "One dose will do it," to "it's viral." They did come after me on three separate occasions mentioning they would give her the flu shot while in-patient but I refused figuring RSV, a 103 temp for 7 days and having to be on oxygen was enough stress for one week.

Now, ten days later The Baby still has an ear infection. Today she was given an injection of Rocehpin. When I asked about the flu shot the pediatrician said, "ABSOLUTELY NOT!
" Back tomorrow for a third shot of Rocephin.

Well allrighty then.

Even as a very old seasoned pediatric nurse it's hard to know who to listen to in times like this.

Now...I've got it. Sore throat started days ago. Congested. Feeling awful.

Just canceled tomorrows clients and that will be 2 weeks without pay. Looks like we're going to have a slim pickens Christmas as there is no time or energy for even handmade at this juncture. Good thing I did some shopping earlier in the year.

I have no strength to clean so my house would probably make me a candidate to audition for Hoarders.

After the Pediatrician I went to the fruit stand and to the grocery store. This was the baby's first outing in over 10 days. You could see the life draining out of her at our second stop. Home for lunch but she was un-glued at this point throwing her bowl of food at me. Nap time.

Times like this when you're weary to the bone you tend to lose sight of your blessings. It's often difficult to see them clearly through the fatigue, funky finances and snot fog.

This keeps me grounded.

And this.

And this.

And the knowledge that we live in a country where we probably won't die any time soon from dehydration, simple diarrhea or a wicked virus helps a lot as well.
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ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Ugh ... I'm sorry that The Baby didn't get the antibiotics while in the hospital. I hope the ones from the pediatrician kick in quickly so she feels better soon. I hope YOU feel better soon too! It's so hard to be the Mom when you feel icky.

Elizabeth said...

Those links you posted are just heart-breaking. I don't know what to think -- I don't know what the answers are --

Jennie said...

Thank you for the links... I'll definitely be looking into Artists For Hope.

Sorry you're feeling crappy. I meant to tell you but forgot to leave it on the voicemail... send prayers and good thoughts to Ezra. He started chemo again yesterday.

Feel better Ma!

debe said...

I am very very sorry that you get this bug right when you may be seeing the end of the fight with the baby... oy!

and the boy, no no no

Zoey's mom said...

Your reminders,cut straight to my heart.Heading to the Artists link,perhaps I can get a bit of shopping done that will make me feel I have done something.Wish is were more.

*My phrase,as a simple fork will not do,is"Stick a PITCH fork in my,I'm done."

Praying that better days are ahead for your infirmary.

Michelle said...

Dang. I guess this won't help either? :)

Dani said...

Hope you and the baby are doing better.

Melinda said...

You have to know that Morgan was right about his message from God for you. You are so clearly the ONLY person who could do such an amazing job as Mama to these chicklets. Carry on!
p.s. i think you should put the Genius on the task of finding a pro bono attorney to sue the hosptial for a malpractice settlement.

Kathleen Scott said...

Hope you can let the Christmas worry have so much else on the plate at the moment. Christmas will be wonderful with decorations, good food, games with the kids, and many pictures. The young ones won't care about the loot they don't know they didn't get.

I bet the bug pounced on you from the stress. Hope you can treat yourself like a valued patient--be kind to your body. Sleep. Maybe with a bonus of warm cinnamon-apple cider. Hope you're feeling better soon.