Nov 7, 2010


I love reading other blogs. It seems that many of them have chosen certain days to blog the same catchy creative features each week. Wordless Wednesday, Haiku Thursday and Friday Featured Product of the Week come to mind. I'm sure there are many others that are equally as interesting and creative.

What about Engrish Sunday? Nothing says funny like the errors made in Japanese advertising written in English Engrish. And while we all sit facing having to go back to work on Monday wouldn't a little Sunday evening pick me up be nice?

Because I've been contemplating joining Weight Watchers this week I was particularly attracted to the following Engrish food adds:

Of course I couldn't give this to The Baby because it contains gluten but it does sound oh so tempting

Is this a blackened chicken on Oxycontin?

MMM! This sounds light and fluffy!

What's for dinner, Mommy? Why, fried horse crap with lime and a nice salad, kids. You can even put the leftovers in your Bento box tomorrow for school. This would go over well with The Boy who has to smell everything before he touches it.

And aren't fries everyone's dream? I know they're mine. That's why I'm contemplating joining Weight Watchers this week.

So what about it? Engrish Sunday? What topics would you like to see featured in the world of Japanese advertising next Sunday? How about fashion?


Kathleen Scott said...


Joy said...

I love your blog! That's hilarious!

A.M. Mama said...

snorts and giggles all the way around over here!

PLEASE bring us more!!

D said...

I LOVED living in Japan. I've never laughed so hard as when coming across the beautiful engrish.
(and I'd go back to live in a nano-second if I could make the Husband find a job there.