Sep 10, 2010

Little Dog

Yesterday afternoon I sat outdoors at my pretty filigree bistro set with my blue surgical gloves on examining a pile of dog crap. I know. I can't believe this is what my life has come to either.

While at work yesterday morning I stumbled into a sticky situation. Seems Little Dog ate someones gold grill and was not faring well due to the offense. When I heard the angry owner yelling he was going to "get rid" of the Little Dog I struck a deal with him. I walk out of here now with Little Dog and I promise I'll get your gold back.

Apparently I'm trusted in d' hood. How fortunate for Little Dog.

Wisdom dictated that I probably should obtain proof that Little Dog had really scarfed the grill. I wasn't convinced. Someone could have lifted it and sold it at one of the hundreds of "We Buy Gold" establishments that pepper our city. And I sure as shooting wouldn't want to be accused of stealing a gold tooth that wasn't there in the first place. Enter the Genius who arranged an appointment with the no-kill animal rescue/shelter veterinarian for x-rays.

The gold tooth was retrieved today and The Genius picked up the tab. Turns out to be a good thing I took Little Dog in as anatomically she could not have given up the gold. They had to induce vomiting. Thankfully the x-rays showed no old or healing fractures which would have been indicative of past abuses. Had there been signs of past abuse I would have made them an offer they couldn't refuse in return for Little Dog but she was in "good condition" over all. She was up to date on her shots as the owner gave me her records.

Little Dog got a much needed bath killing fleas and I slipped her a Comfortis on the q.t. I had her toenails clipped. She slept in bed with me and followed me everywhere I went. I snuck her tiny treats of ham and cheese. She took the kids to school with me and sat in The Baby's car seat on the way home.

I'll be delivering the tooth in the morning. Since there has been a cooling down period I will have to deliver the dog as well. They want her back.

I know not everyone dresses up their Little Dog in frilly neck scarves and paints their toenails pink. Where I work this just doesn't happen. Ever.

I know people get angry.

I know I was at the right place at the right time for Little Dog's sake.

And I know The Genius has a heart of gold.
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ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Wow. I am SO glad that you didn't have to dig through steaming piles of ... Little Dog Little Poop. :) How in the world did the dog eat someone's gold grill in the first place??

Kathleen Scott said...

Echo ANewKindOfPerfect. They leave their gold teeth laying on the nightstand?

I'm sorry Little Dog went back. What if you're not there next time Little Dog gets into mischief?

On the other hand, you went way out of your way for Little Dog and even though it sounds like you loved having Little Dog with you, maybe you didn't need another dependent...

I'm glad you were there and had such presence of mind and kindness and that you raised such fine children who step up too.

Jennie said...

Aww... little dog. Good job mama... and my sista! You two are awesome.

debe said...

hugs and kisses!

your heart of gold & poo inspection

I see it now...

Amy said...

Oh my goodness, you are a saint! Little Dog is so cute, I don't blame you for wanting to keep him. I love reading your blog, you have a heart of gold and so funny at the same time! I am in awe!