Sep 27, 2010

The Giant School Bus

You thought I was kidding?
A very large bus for a very small girl.
I'm the only one in the morning.

While waiting for The Giant School Bus we work on phonics. Hmmm. What does the duck say? I can't remember.

My morning bus driver is so nice.
Time to go up, up, up!

And my personal assistant is very strong.
He calls me "mommy."
I call him "Tez."

After 25 days without a bus my mommy is crying tears of joy.

And now that her memory card is working again she can record this fabulous moment.

No thanks to Vibhu.

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ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Awesome!! :)

Dani said...

WOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Happy Day for sure. :)

Dani said...

I love how you photoshopped the school bus! lol

Kathleen Scott said...

Yea!!! And The Baby is happy, no tears. So glad Teacher helped this come through and you have one less trip to make every morning. Hope that gives you time for one more cup of coffee and time to yourself.

Jennie said...

Yeehaw!! Snazzy rides Robin... the bus and the chair!

Anonymous said...

So sweet, Thanks for sharing.