Nov 1, 2011

Osama. Obama. Fi. Fi. Fo. Mama.

Yesterday we were officially approved for Social Security disability!

Today we were officially approved for Social Security disability!

Yes. We are still the recipients of duplicate mailings. Ironically, not the recipients of duplicate checks.

No more R-o-s-e that spells G-r-a-c-e because they actually got the middle name correct!

No more Osama or Obama because they actually got the last name correct!

One teesny issue...

They spelled her first name incorrectly and in doing so her Medicaid was also changed to the incorrect first name.

Ever dealt with Medicaid? If not, let's just say that it is easier to elicit the current weather forecast from a local zoos lemur population than to find intelligent and efficient life forms in your local Medicaid office.

I need to rest up for this next battle. Perhaps a cruise first?

Anyone care to join me?


Zoey's mom, Heather said...

Hip,hip hooray!

And yes, with a resounding yes, on the cruise. Where do I catch the next boat outta here??

Birdie said...

I will go on a cruise with you!

Being from Canada I don't know how Medicaid works but since you are happy then so am I!


Elizabeth said...

Fantastic and it's about time. I have a wild and crazy MediCal story to tell you of a friend of mine's that I think you'll appreciate. Email me at elsophie at gmail dot com. I'm dying to tell you.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, and yes. I want to go away with you. Far, far away. And perhaps not come back.

D said...

YOU DO know it will just be easier & wayyy better for your sanity to just change her name to whatEVER they tell you it is.Right?

B.D.D.W. said...

I would love to cruise wiyh you.Let me know when.