Nov 17, 2011

Baby Sings The Blues

One of my neighbors who no one seems to know but me knocked on my door recently and asked If I would like their Play Station Rock Band. Her son has grown and moved away and no longer wanted it.


The Boy had received a Play Station from a friend years ago and it finally passed away this year. We've have no money to replace it so he's been without for quite some time.This week Curly T hooked up a few things for us and last night we were in Rock Band business.

I sat mesmerized for 2 hours watching The Boy drumming and The Baby singing.
And even though it was horrifyingly loud and The Baby sounded like a cross between Aretha Franklin and a screaming Janis Joplin I couldn't help but be fascinated by her facial expressions. This child puts her heart and soul into music.

Since she was a 5lb infant she has been fascinated by all music which she simply calls "song."

Her favorite seems to be Nina Simone and she will sit and demand I replay Nina Simone videos over and over for her.

d is it just me or is there a resemblance?

Move over Nina. This Baby can sing the blues.


Birdie said...

There is definitely a resemblance! Sing Baby, sing!

Birdie said...

OH! I see you have your Christmas tree up! :-)


Birdie: I did it! I knew if I didn't do it before surgery next week I'd probably never get the tree up!

Elizabeth said...

That gives me chills. Really awesome. I wish you would videotape her and post the music -- I'd love to hear it.

Zoey's mom, Heather said...

I cannot tell you what these images did to my heart. Magic. Please catch it on video.

Kathleen Scott said...

How cool--and she looks like she's grown a year in the last month.

Amazing how music reaches beyond thought.