Sep 9, 2011

Somehow This Seems Symbolic

The weather here is chilly i.e., 76 degrees this morning and you can smell fall in the air.

Not that we have fall in Florida but I think I can smell it in Maine or something.

Yesterday after getting The Baby down for a nap after school, inspired by the temperatures below 95 (with a heat index of 110), I weeded one of the front garden beds. When I stuck my left hand in to the beach sunflowers something bit me.

YEOW! Blood everywhere. Piece of brown glass.

Dang dump mulch.

I am just recovering from a knife slice on my right hand and that has given given me some discomfort. I am not a wimp but finger cuts hurt like the dickens because of the touchy feely nerve endings. And bleed like crazy.

Plus I don't have a dishwasher and my hands are submerged constantly so healing time is generally delayed. I'm on my third pair of Playtex Gloves as the latex fingers keep getting sliced.

I can't imagine why.

Last night, cleaning up after dinner i threw something away and in doing so cut the tip of my finger off
on a broken Corning Ware bowl in the garbage can.

It's times like this when I get kind of wistful about not having a husband around so he could finish the dishes while i stop the spurting.

Maybe this guy who answered my Freecycle add when I offered a bag of fabric scarps including vintage curtains last week might be interested in the position ...

"hey i'm wondering on the sizes of scraps? are they in odd shapes? i'm in need of curtains and ceiling covers. are they very "girly" colors? i am a guy but not opposed to all floral patterns. hope to hear back thanks"

What in the world is a ceiling cover? Maybe I don't want a husband.

On the other pun intended...I always have my neighbor, Brasilia. You remember her? She's the one who butter-flied my head together when I got swoony with the flu and hit the wall? I called her and she ran right over.

"OOOOOH! You cut your finger tip off!" she remarked excitedly upon seeing the wound.

Brasilia is always up for a good time.

After she got The Baby out of the tub (who by now had turned in to a little black raisin), put her p.j's on and tucked her in she got to my finger.

Or at least what was once my finger.

I'd been marching around the house with my arm in a high salute with a paper towel wrapped around it applying pressure. People ask me if I went to the Emergency Room. What for? So they could tell me I cut the tip of my finger off and charge me $2,000?

Besides Brasilia is great at first aid and she's free. And it was halfway through the bandaging that we noticed which fingers were affected on both hands and began laughing and laughing and laughing. Laughing makes you bleed more but it was so much more fun than an emergency room would have been.

Brasilia finished up the pots in the sink and then went through the house wiping up the trail of blood before she left.

Iris took the above photo and sent it to The Genius so she could e-mail it to me for the blog. Not having a camera makes one seriously creative.

My phone rings....OMG what happened? Are you in pain?

I told her it's just a finger tip. No worries. And no pain. Not after 2 cups of coffee and 1/2 of a Vicodin.

Which...I've decided this the real breakfast of champions.


Lilith said...

Those are your driving fingers woman. How will you be able to flip people the bird?

Birdie said...

Symbolic? Yeah, sometimes the Universe just shouts to us. ;-)

Have you had a tetanus shot in the last 10 years?


Biride: Yes, I have Thanks for asking. I'm pretty good at keeping up with the shots as a gardener. We had a patient from Europe who never had a tetanus shot and died from puncture wound in her rose garden. People have no idea what lurks in our soil...

Kathleen Scott said...

Oh my word. Both hands. I'll admit, I grinned at the picture. But really, now it will be so hard to do the simple things of daily living, like wiping your ass.

Before next time--I got Denny a pair of welder's gloves for gardening (on sale Home Depot). They handle scorpions and cactus spines, maybe they could take Florida mulch too. Can't say as you could use them for washing dishes. Would the Teenager think that was a fun past-time?

Island Rider said...

Oh, boy. Those are some big wrappings. Welder's gloves work okay for weeding big stuff, I wear them when I weed around the rose bushes, but I end up taking them off when I go to pull smaller weeds. Maybe a hand rake?


Kathleen: Yes...the wiping part was a revelation
and washing your left armpit with your left hand also a challenge...

Jennie said...

I'm still laughing at the "little black raisin" part :)