Feb 6, 2011

Monster Jam 2011 ( in a nutshell)

Pouring rain for 2 solid hours at this years Monster Jam created lots of mud and lots of fun!

The Mom

The Genius

The Artist

The Teenager

The Boy

The junk food

The Crashes

The Cammo

Interesting innovations to combat the elements

Maximum Destruction wins with a stellar performance:

Making The Genius VERY happy

The End


Island Rider said...

My husband and youngest son and their "posse" a bunch of husband's oldest and dearest friends and their boys and now grandkids who have been going for decades now where there dressed in garbage bags. I was home, nice and warm and dry and asleep by 9:00.

Elizabeth said...

I'm dying that you did that. You are a heroine, really.


IR: No way! They were there last night?

Elizabeth: Ah, but if I were you afterward I would be able to write a beautiful poem incorporating mud, red necks and Bud Lite into the rhyme.

Dani said...

What a great time y'all had!

donna.ross said...

Wow love the monster truck hat!! It looks like you all had a great time! John's b-day involved 5 big boys all staying over my house! Looks like monster trucks is the way to go!!(even with the mud and rain!)

Kathleen Scott said...

This is hilarious.

And that you all went and stayed in the rain for 2 hours says you're a temple to love or maybe a little crazy or both? That you had a good time is the best.