Feb 13, 2011

Do Chickens Have Teeth?

The Boy tells me he got to hold his friends chicken today.

"He has 5 girl chickens and one boy chicken."


"No. Actually he had 2 boy chickens but they had to eat one because they didn't have enough food."

Dear Lord.

"My friend said it was a good chicken."

I'm sorry they had to eat it then.

"No. I mean he said it was good with barbecue sauce."

Oh....well three cheers for the circle of life.

"Do chickens have teeth?"

No, they have beaks.

"What can you do with a beak?"

Well, you can catch insects in the yard and eat and crack seeds.

"Did you ever have a beak?"

Of course not. I'm a human being and human beings don't have beaks.

Mom! You're 58 years old! Did you have a beak a long, long, long time ago when you were young. You know, before there was any color and everything was black and gray?"

Are you referring to black and white movies?

"Yes. When you were young a long, long. looooong time ago before there was any color and everything was black and gray did you have a beak?"

No, because I was never a chicken but if I was a chicken I would peck you on the head right about now. Go to bed!

And we wonder why some animals eat their young.?


vzadventures said...

Gotta love the things they say sometimes, don't ya? ;) Very cute!

Elizabeth said...

I think he was begging for a proper lesson about evolution, actually.

Lilith said...

Too funny.

D said...

If I were a hampster...I know I would have eaten mine.

Dani said...

ROFL! Where do they come up with this stuff?!?!


Elizabeth: You know if we did evolve from chickens that would explain a few things about humanity in general.
D: I'm hearing you!
Dani: The MOST amazing thing is that he thought the world was black and white when I was little!

Rachel said...

Oh my! That had me struggling not to laugh out loud in the office!

Zoey's mom said...

Was that just not one of the most hilarious banters ever!

Thank you for missing me.Warmed my heart.I wondered for awhile if anyone even noticed.It's good to be loved.

City Sister said...

This sounds like a classic kiddo conversation! I love these times.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahahaha! Love it!! I've been a fan for a while and was in a near panic recently when I got a message your blog was only opened to invitees.(then I check again and it worked???!!) I'm a friend of Jenny D's (mom to drew) and saw your comments there ages ago and was struck by the name and had to see who it was. Once I started reading I was hooked! You crack me up! And I need it! I love your blog!!!!! I'm raising 3 little ones alone here- no special needs except a narcicistic ex, but my teaching background is in special ed.
Take care and please keep writing! I kept emailing Jennythat she had to get me "in"!!! - Jennifer N


Anonymous: So glad you're here!