Jan 20, 2011

Why I Love Legos:

Because The Boy loves them.

Why I hate Legos:

Because it's 4:00 am when I am up for the 3rd time to pee and suddenly I'm screaming, "OW! OW! OW! What the *&%#@ did I just step on?" Yes. I used a bad word.

Why does The Boy have all of these new Legos?

It's his 11th birthday!

I spent my life's savings for a giant cookie from Publix for his school party yesterday earlier in the day. Thus, the sparsely decorated Haagen-Dazs bar later that night. I recognize from looking at the above photo that some things never change from year to year. Like that look

And the fact that we will be attending yet another Monster Jam for his never ending birthday celebration. The Artist is even coming down for the occasion and The Boy and I are going to embarrass The Artist by dressing in head to toe cammo for the birthday event. The Genius even crocheted The Boy a cammo scarf and got us pit passes. If you have to ask what a pit pass is you probably would not want to attend Monster Jam.

I'm still waiting for my cammo scarf. hint

And yes. This also means you will be enduring photos like this one:


And this one:


Lucky for you I can't find 2009.

Go Gravedigger!


Jennie said...

Please tell the boy that I love him and I can't wait to celebrate his Monster Jam birthday!!

Seriously, no one else in the world could possibly make me look forward to rednecks and giant trucks.

I cannot believe he is 11.

Jennie said...

Oh and no worries... I've got 2009 covered http://www.flickr.com/photos/jclutter/3305487934/

Diane said...

Happy Happy Birthday to the boy!!
Please share pictures of Monster Jam!!

Island Rider said...

Happy Birthday, boy! Monster trucks is a birthday tradition in our house too. Oldest son will be 25 tomorrow and that was always where he went for his birhtday. Thankfully for me, it was always a boy's night out and I stayed home. Oldest son is not at home, but husband and youngest son will go in his honor. On the bus to Miami. Pray for us.

denimflyz said...

Happy BirthDay Boy.
Have a great time with Monster Jam, its traditional here, I have a 57 yr old boy who like big trucks and makes lots of noise with big tires.
SPP, I have something for the headache afterwards...or may I suggest something stronger!!


Denimflyz: You made me lol. The noise isn't as bad as the cold....and one year it was cold AND rained on us. I was frozen solid. That's why we don't bring the Baby who would LOVE it...too cold.

Michelle said...

Go Max D - won the freestyle @ Saturday's event. Looking forward to another year!