Feb 5, 2012

Yes! It's Monster Jam Time, Again!

The Genius may never sit next to me again because I annoyed her with my hyperactivity. But hey, I did have a roll of toilet paper in my purse when the stadium was clean out of it. Who brings toilet paper to these functions? Yer, mama!

FYI: It is never a good idea to rankle The Genius. Ticket Master was especially nasty and non-accommodating regarding seats for two children in wheel chairs. We ended up with the best seats in 5 years of Monster Jam attendance when The Genius went directly to the stadium supervisor. Yes, we did.

This was The Baby's first year at Monster Jam. She seemed to be especially fond of Gravedigger.

And then there is The Teenager who becomes so over stimulated the first 15 minutes we are there we embark on a 6 hour emotional roller coaster ride. One minute she is sobbing because she can't have popcorn with her $8.25 hotdog and the next minute she is doing "the wave." Go figure.

I call the above photo two gorgeous grills. She really liked this truck.

The Artist came for the evening from north Florida.

She takes her Monster Jam's seriously.

And then there are the boy's...

Boys love trucks.

Posing with Maximum Destruction

Clothed in the finest cammo.

(OMG. I just noticed myself in the bumper. No my rear-end is NOT that huge...)

More interested in the food than "the wave."

And seriously? The Artists' boyfriend fits in with this family like okra in stewed tomatoes. No further explanation necessary.

We partied in the pits before the stadium opened under blue skies and warm breezes.

I think I like Monster Jam much better when it's not pouring rain and 40 degrees. We didn't even need a sweater!

Thanks global warming!

Thanks The Genius for the pit passes!

The monster trucks never disappoint! We always have a fabulous time whoopin' and hollerin' when they tip, flip, and soar through the air.

Can't wait for Monster Jam 2013! Bring it on!


Elizabeth said...

I adore you.

Zoey's Mom, Heather said...

Okay seriously, this looks like a blast and I think you are the bomb of a mom. I really and truly do.

Low Maintenance Mama said...

My boys would be so jealous! To see the Teenager's gorgeous smile, you'd never know she'd been through dental hell recently. What a beautiful young lady!

Dani said...

I love that last picture! Such beautiful happy faces.

Anonymous said...

You don't look like the monster jam type, assuming there is a monster jam type, which apparently there isn't. Glad you guys all had a good time.

Island Rider said...

Husband was there. Kidless for the first time in 20 years. I should have told him to come sit with you and he wouldn't have been sad and lonely. (no, he wasn't sad and lonely. I just imagined he would be, but that's crazy, he's a guy at the Monster Trucks and no one asked him for money for food or a souvenir). Glad you had an extra hand and extra toilet paper.

Monster jam party invites said...
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Mama Or Not said...

It's my first visit to your blog and I have to thank you. Those photos put a BIG smile on my face. Y'all know how to have fun!