Mar 4, 2011

Happy 30th Birthday!

Last night The Boy and I went to his schools 30th birthday party. Apparently there was a talent show a few months back which the boy failed to tell me that he was performing in. My partner in suffering, Mrs. M, and I commiserate about this subject almost weekly. The school is very good about written notification but that doesn't mean it actually survives the backpack experience on the way home.

"Is Tia going to the Valentine Dance?"

"What Valentine dance?"

Mrs. M was cracking me up just yesterday intimating her daughter who, like The Boy fails to share pertinent information on a routine basis. It's 9 pm on a Monday night.

"Mom! I need a costume and 500 cupcakes by Tuesday."

The talent show was during my work hours so I missed it. I had no idea The Boy sang a duet with his best buddy, The Angel, until last night when they did an encore for the birthday bash audience.

They brought the house down.

Both of the boys are so stinking cute you just want to squeeze them but together they are a force to be reckoned with. Neither one shy in front of an audience singing loud and clear. Enjoying the limelight and as you can see above and each other.

Unfortunately, the above grainy photo is the only one I have of the performance as The Boy took it upon himself to delete the rest while I was pumping gas on the way home.

i just wanted to cry.

The Birthday Bash food was great. I ate mine and The Boy's since he eats nothing. I was thinking about joining Weight Watchers yesterday but instead I think I'll just get fatter.

I actually won a raffle prize. Free food at a local restaurant. They have great breakfasts. Bisquits and gravy and butter oh my! Anyway, I'm pretty sure I should have 4 rolls and I only have 3 now. Stomach rolls, that is.

I spent time talking to the art teacher who, in my hippie days, I would have worshiped as a goddess. What she accomplishes with these children is beyond comprehension.

I adore children's art. More than any form of art...with the exception of Waterhouse.

Last night I sat with the Raving Rabbit artist. He was a great dinner companion. Click on the photos to see bigger images.
( Just a little FYI for those of you who don't know to do this already and you know who you are, Alabama)

Raving Rabbits



WILD Animals

Shockingly beautiful tapestries

The teacher explained the tapestry process to me. First they do the block print....

Wha? You mean they carve and stamp and paint...

"Yes, and then I just stitch it together. The secret is allowing them to create in segments."

Uh huh.

And to think I can hardly get him to brush his teeth? Perhaps I should have him do it in segments. You know, one tooth a day?

The Boy's Teacher, Mrs Needs-To-Be-Canonized, informed me last night that she has a video of the duet and will try to get it to me soon. I'll be sure to share it with you all!

I know it will make you smile and we all need a good smile.


Island Rider said...

Very cute. Can't wait for the video.

Diane said...

Love the art! Bring on the video! : )

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Okay, so how absolutely ADORABLE is that photo of the boys? I hope we will get to watch the video!

Jennie said...

Eep! So cute....

Seriously... she sounds like the best. art. teacher. ever.

The art that her kids create under her direction is amazing... Dang.